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Wahwashkesh Lake & Dunchurch, Ontario

At Tim Stiles Construction we do it all. As well as building construction  in the Parry Sound area, we also offer the following services including:

Light Barging: When working on a water access property on Wahwashkesh Lake we can haul small loads and tools to the site with ease. For the big projects we will help facilitate the heavier loads quickly and efficiently.  We also offer a dock service on Wahwashkesh lake that saves you putting the dock away in the fall and it's ready for you in the spring when you arrive.

Wahwashkesh Lake & Dunchurch, Ontario

Security Checks : When its the off season and there has been bad weather you want to be sure your cottage is safe. We offer seasonal security checks. Insurance companies like this!!!.Also we are a valuble asset if a break and enter takes place. We will notify you, get  the police to the scene and make sure your cottage is secure  after the break and entry has been discovered. I have actually caught 2 would be thieves inside a cottage!

Wahwashkesh Lake & Dunchurch, Ontario

Winter Cottage Opening: Would you like to come up for a weekend during the winter but don't relish the thought of slugging it through the snow. We can turn on the heat and water for you in advance and break a trail to the cottage to make it easier for you. This applies to customers who we have built for and have adequate facilities .